strong visual aesthetics and the atmosphere “Slow Movement” basic content idea create a beautiful and calming experience.

An atmosphere Sauna has been installed yesterday in the AquaMagis Spa in Plettenberg, Germany, one of the leading spa location in the NRW region.

Beyond Relaxation, the atmosphere unique content library with its Ultra high definition truly helps the guests to slow down and take a mind stroll through the beautiful landscapes. The AquaMagis atmosphere Sauna is displayed on 4 professional screens in Portrait Format for a total of 4320 x 1920 Pixels. The picture is richer, sharper and for most livelier than ever before.

Unique gears design and manufacturing.

The atmosphere media Installation in AquaMagis required special designed metal housing to support and protect electronic devices like screens from moisture and extensive heat. The housing has been directly embedded in the sauna wall allowing easy maintenance of the devices.

atmosphere_media_Spa_AquaMagis 1Image 8