New Port Richey, Florida USA

Dulcet has the perfect concept for live music entertainment in an exclusive location. The atmosphere 4K entertainment platform has been build on stage to support live acts with stunning high resolution landscapes and graphics and the atmosphere 4K bands enhance the entertainment program when there are no live performances.

the Dulcet management has installed four 75″ displays for a 4320 x 1920 Ultra High Resolution.

atmosphere means all day entertainment. The dulcet management writes:” atmosphere gives an unparalleled sense of class and tranquility upon entering Dulcet. Guest can dine next to a soothing waterfall or visitors may also enjoy live entertainment both while seated inside amongst the modern décor or, outside upon the tropical Cavalier Patio. At Dulcet, we strive not only to achieve perfection, but to evoke each and every single one of the senses. Dulcet is constantly evolving in order to satisfy both the mind and body, while consistently providing a fresh experience for patrons both old and new”.

Dulcet Ambient Films & Live Band 1 Dulcet Ambient Films & Live Band 2 Dulcet atmosphere Live on stage 1 Dulcet atmosphere Live on Stage 2