The new “Emils” bar and lounge has opened at the ARCADEON Hotel in Hagen, Germany.

On Monday June 6, the mystery behind the constructional wall in the lobby was revealed and around 500 guests were present: The “Emils” – the new bar & lounge in ARCADEON opened. “The magic of the rooms” – with these words started Managing Director Jörg Bachmann his speech and it was indeed a magical moment when the curtain fell.

The guests rushed into the Emils bar that directly inspires with unique design: Classic comfort with fireplace and chairs coupled with the latest technology, bold colors and sophisticated lighting solutions.

The stunning attraction is the space-filling video wall that gives the bar its unique atmosphere with stunning landscapes and live music films, the atmosphere 4K entertainment platform for the hospitality industry. The video wall size of 4,40 x 1,90m consists of 4 x  84” 4K displays. The guests could admire the spectacular Ultra High Resolution films and enjoy the great sound throughout the evening.  Hagen has gained a new and unique location, the ideal place to linger with cool cocktails and snacks..

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